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Allergy & Children

Allergy & Children

How can I treat my child’s allergy symptoms?

In most cases, avoiding allergens and using over-the-counter products can bring relief. Ask your child’s doctor which allergy medications or treatments are best for him or her. Always read the label to make sure a product is appropriate for your child’s age. (34)


Are allergy medicines OK to use in children?

As with all medications, follow directions carefully and do not give more than directed. Antihistamines may make your child drowsy at school and may make it hard for him or her to learn. Even non-drowsy antihistamines may cause some people to become drowsy. Do not give adult antihistamine products to children. Some children react to antihistamines with unusual excited behavior. If this occurs, stop use and consult your child’s doctor. When in doubt, consult your pediatrician or pharmacist for product recommendations, instructions for use and how to watch for potential side effects. (35)


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