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Cold & Flu Preparation

Cold & Flu Preparation

What products should I have on hand for the cold and flu season?

Be prepared for cold and flu season with medications and remedies from your pharmacy.

These can make you feel better at the first sign of infection:

  • Nasal decongestant (avoid if you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes or thyroid disease)
  • Cough suppressant, cough drops, throat lozenges, mucus expectorant and topical cough medication, like Vicks VapoRub (for use on your skin only)
  • Adult and pediatric versions of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These are pain relievers and fever reducers
  • Saline nasal spray or drops, nasal adhesive strips and neti pot (sinus rinse)
  • Pediatric cough and cold medication for older children
  • Pediatric dosing syringe, thermometer, bulb syringe and tissues


What all-natural or gluten-free products does Your carry for colds and flu?

Your offers several cold and flu products that contain all-natural ingredients and have no synthetic chemicals or additives. Some are also gluten-free. These products are designed to help relieve the same symptoms as other OTC products. However, they are considered nutritional supplements, rather than medications. Some are homeopathic, which means they don’t contain active medicinal ingredients but act in a way that is similar to some OTC medications. Speak to your healthcare provider before you use these or any other nutritional supplements.


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