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Allergy Nonmedical Options

Allergy Nonmedical Options

What are some nonmedical ways to help treat my allergy symptoms?

  • A humidifier can help ease cold and allergy symptoms, such as dry sinuses, congestion and cracked lips, by increasing moisture levels in the air (humidity). Some give off a cool mist, while others, called vaporizers, create hot steam that cools before it leaves the machine. Steam (either from the shower or from putting a towel over your head and breathing in over a bowl of hot water) can also help reduce congestion. (29-30)
  • A nasal saline irrigation can help reduce congestion and facial pain. This is a treatment that uses salt and water to flush out nasal passages. A popular choice is called the Neti pot. Nasal strips may also help you breathe easier. (31)
  • Herbal and dietary supplements can strengthen your resistance against allergens. However, don’t take herbal remedies for allergies along with any allergy medication without first talking to your healthcare provider or pharmacist. (32)
  • Cough drops can help you cut down on coughing. Throat lozenges or drinking hot drinks like ginger tea, hot apple cider and hot tea with honey and lemon can soothe a scratchy throat. (33)


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