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Eye & Ear Care – Contact Lenses

Eye & Ear Care – Contact Lenses

How often should I clean and disinfect my contact lenses?

Clean and disinfect your contact lenses every time you remove them. Cleaning and disinfecting solutions remove

debris that can cause discomfort. They also help remove bacteria that can cause eye infections.


How often should I use new contact lens solution?

Always use fresh solution when you clean and store your lenses. Don’t just add some new solution to the old liquid that is still in your case. Always wash and dry your hands before you touch your lenses. In addition, never use homemade solution or a solution that has become discolored.


How often should I replace my contact lens case?

  • The American Optometric Association suggests that you replace your contact lens case at least every three months. Rinse the case out between uses and leave it open to air dry. Also, never share your contact case with anyone. (3)
  • Clean and disinfect easily and don’t dehydrate
  • Are easy to handle
  • Last longer than soft lenses.
  • Retain their shape better, and provide crisper vision than soft contact lenses. (4)


What are the different kinds of contact lens solutions?

There are several types of contact lens solutions including:

Multipurpose solutions.

These clean and disinfect contact lenses. These solutions are made for both GP and soft lenses. To clean your lenses properly, rub them gently for 10 seconds after you wet them with a few drops of solution. This helps remove any build up. (5)

“No-rub” solutions.

These offer quick cleaning for people on the go. Ideally, no-rub products should allow you to skip the rubbing step, but research shows that 10 seconds of gentle rubbing cleans lenses better. (6)

Hydrogen peroxide-based (HPB) cleaning systems.

These solutions use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect contact lenses. They clean very well and require a two-step cleaning process. The first cleans the lens and the second neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide so that it won’t harm your cornea when you return the lenses to your eyes. Because of the added neutralizing step, people using this system must take a little more time to make sure that the hydrogen peroxide has been treated properly. This system is a good choice for those who have time to clean their lenses more carefully and enjoy the higher level of cleaning. (7)



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