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First Aid – Indoor & Outdoor Safety

First Aid – Indoor & Outdoor Safety

How can my child stay safe in the home?

Here are some basic steps you can take to help your child avoid injuries in the home.

  • Bookshelves: Bolt them, and other climbable furniture, to the wall.
  • Toys: Repair broken toys or throw them away. Keep small toys, batteries and other choking hazards away from babies and toddlers. (19)
  • Halls and stairways: Make sure they are not cluttered and that they have enough lighting to prevent trips and falls. Use safety gates if you have a toddler in the house.
  • Medications and poisons: Make sure medications and other poisons are stored out of reach of children, in a locked cabinet. Post the number for poison control by all of your phones. (19)


How can my child stay safe outdoors?

  • Riding bikes: Make sure your child always wears a properly fitted helmet while riding.
  • On the playground: Check to ensure that equipment is age-appropriate and properly maintained. Look for an adequate soft surface under the equipment in case of falls.
  • In the street: Do not let your child play games or ride a bike in the street or near busy intersections.
  • Crossing streets: Be sure to hold your child’s hand when crossing the street or walking to your car in a parking lot. (20,21)


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