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Why You Should Ask Your Pharmacist About CMRs. Comprehensive Medication Reviews.

Why You Should Ask Your Pharmacist About CMRs. Comprehensive Medication Reviews.

What is a comprehensive medication review (CMR)?

A CMR is a 30 to 60 minute conversation with your pharmacist via telephone or appointment, which allows a thorough review of all your medications including over-the-counter (OTC) medications, vitamins and minerals. A CMR includes a beneficiary cover letter, personal medication list (PML), and medication action plan (MAP), recommendations for improving therapy.

Reasons why to ask your Pharmacist about CMR?

Pharmacists are the medication therapy experts. Listed below are some good reasons to talk to your Pharmacist about setting up an appointment for a CMR

  • Cost saving options for medications
  • A review of all medications, prescription and OTC, for different drug-interactions
  • Identifying and resolving any adverse drug events
  • Identifying and resolving adherence issues by recommending solutions personalized for you
  • Providing appropriate counseling and training for use of medical devices. (E.g. Inhalers, glucose meters)
  • The Pharmacist can contact your primary care provider (PCP) to discuss therapy, review and update your PML
  • The Pharmacist has research and clinical data for reference of appropriate therapy and dosing
  • The Pharmacist may assist in making referrals for care from other providers
  • Medicare Part D beneficiaries are provided annual CMRs as part of all Medicare Part D programs

Take control of your health!

The Pharmacist will work along side you on your therapy! CMRs are a part of the new approach in delivering medication therapy management (MTM) services at your local pharmacy.  The significance and benefit provided by CMRs is focused on the whole patient and not just the medications and side effects. It is an enhancement of care that you have been receiving from your doctor and changes will not be made without you and your doctor’s consent.

Talk to your pharmacist today!



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