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Best Natural Acne Treatment Natural Medicine Treatment 

Best Natural Acne Treatment

Most EffectiveLight TherapyStudies show that non-targeted light therapy such as blue light (405-420nm) and red light (635-670nm) phototherapy for 8 to 15 minutes twice daily to twice weekly for up to 8 weeks result in a decrease of acne lesions. Possibly... Read More
Allergy Nonmedical Options Common Condition Topics Natural Medicine 

Allergy Nonmedical Options

AllergyAllergy Basics Symptoms Preventing Allergies Colds and AllergiesAllergy MedicationsSide EffectsNonmedical OptionsChildren’s AllergiesNasal AllergiesAllergies and Itchy Eyes  What are some nonmedical ways to help treat my allergy symptoms?A humidifier can help ease cold and allergy symptoms, such as dry sinuses, congestion and cracked lips,... Read More