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Home Healthcare – Home Safety

Home Healthcare – Home Safety

How can I make my home safer and reduce the risk of falling?

Simple changes can increase home safety.

Install bright lights in hallways, stairs and bathrooms. Place lights at the top and bottom of stairs with light switches in both places.

Install handrails on both sides of stairs to increase stability.

Secure carpets to floors and stairs, or remove them. Put nonslip strips on bare floors and stairs.

Avoid climbing ladders or getting in awkward positions that can increase your risk of falling.

Clear away any cords, furniture, papers or pet bowls in hallways or pathways throughout the home.

Install grab bars inside bathtubs and showers and around toilets for better balance, and use bars that can handle the weight of the person using them. Do not use towel bars for support because they are not built for this use.

Carry a cordless phone or cellphone with you into the bathroom, or wear an emergency response device that you can reach in case of a fall. Keep them away from and out of water. (41)



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