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Home Healthcare – Bathroom Safety

Home Healthcare – Bathroom Safety

What do I need to know about bathroom safety?

Certain health conditions can make it difficult to get around both inside and outside of the bathroom. Staying safe in the bathroom is important for people with limited vision, joint pain, muscle weakness or other physical problems. (1) If you have any these problems, it is recommended to make some changes in your bathroom. Read on to learn about several products that can help improve bathroom safety.


How can I increase safety in the bathroom?

Wear nonslip shoes to prevent falls and make it safer to walk in your bathroom.

Put in extra lighting, such as night-lights, on the way from the bed to the bathroom and in the bathroom so that you can see better. Use a lighted light switch cover so you can see the light switch to turn the light on. (2)

Change the water heater temperature setting to a maximum of 120 degrees to reduce the chances for burns.

Put in a single lever faucet on the sink for better water temperature control. (1)

Pad your faucets with faucet cushions to protect your head in case of a fall. (3)

Carry a cordless telephone or cellphone with you into the bathroom, or wear an emergency response device that you can easily reach in case of a fall. Keep them away from and out of the water. (4)

Unplug electrical appliances that are not being used to avoid the risk of electrical accidents. Keep electrical wires far from water sources. (5)

Do not store your prescription, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements in the bathroom. High humidity and heat may decrease their ability to work. (6)





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