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Home Healthcare – Living Aids

How can daily living aids help me?

Everyday activities like cooking meals or getting dressed can be hard to do if you have pain, stiffness, or certain diseases and conditions that can make moving more difficult. Finding ways to continue doing them as safely as possible is important for independent living.


I have problems with my hands. What products can help me grip and open things?

Many diseases and conditions make it harder for your hands to move, including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and carpal tunnel syndrome. But there are daily living aids that can help you continue your daily activities. Products that make it easier to work with your hands include jar openers, zipper pulls and buttonhooks, which pull buttons through buttonholes. Also, ask your  pharmacist about easy-to-open medicine bottle caps, but be sure to keep those products out of children’s reach as they are not “childproof.” (23,24)


What products are available if I have trouble moving my arms and shoulders?

Bathing and dressing can be hard to do if you cannot move your arms well or reach very far. Many daily living aids can help, such as dressing sticks that make it easier to put clothes and jackets on and take them off, especially if you need to bring your arms up or behind your body. If you find that you need things that are out of reach, you can use a reacher, which can help you grasp things without having to climb up a step stool or ladder. Long-handle bath sponges can also help if you have trouble moving your shoulders or arms. (23-25)


I’m having trouble hearing the television and people on the telephone. What can I do to hear better?

If you cannot hear well, then it may not be enjoyable to talk on the telephone or watch television. Amplifiers can help you hear better on the phone or when watching television by increasing the volume. Headphones can also help you hear the television better. Headphones can have wires or be wireless. Wireless headphones also help you keep cords off the floor to help prevent falls. (27-29)

If you experience a loss of hearing and are not sure about what daily living aids are right for you, ask your your healthcare provider about getting your hearing tested to see if you would benefit from a hearing aid. (30)


If I have back or knee pain, are there products that can help me with daily activities?

If you have trouble bending, daily living aids such as sock aids make it easier to pull on socks. Elastic Shoelaces and extra-long handle shoehorns help when putting on shoes because you do not have to reach as far. (25)



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