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BEST OTC Skin Care Cleanser. Cosmetics Over The Counter Treatment 

BEST OTC Skin Care Cleanser.

#1 Cetaphil#2 Neutrogena#3 Aveeno#4 Eucerin#5 Cerave#6 Dove#7 Olay *Ranking based on number of pharmacist recommendations and brand sales per month.The NeoCitizen should ONLY be used for general educational purposes ONLY and is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional advice.... Read More
Best Natural Acne Treatment Natural Medicine Treatment 

Best Natural Acne Treatment

Most EffectiveLight TherapyStudies show that non-targeted light therapy such as blue light (405-420nm) and red light (635-670nm) phototherapy for 8 to 15 minutes twice daily to twice weekly for up to 8 weeks result in a decrease of acne lesions. Possibly... Read More