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6 Healthy Resolutions You Can Actually Keep.

6 Healthy Resolutions You Can Actually Keep.

1. Get more sleep.

Committing to 8 hours a night is an effortless way to feel healthy. Researchers report sleeping burns fat, decreases stress, and boosts your immune system, mood, and alertness.

2. Spend time outside.

Get some fresh air every day. Experts say being outdoors relaxes the mind. Take a walk before work or at lunch. Find a spot you like in your yard or a park and spend some time there.

3. Stop staring at screens.

Turn off the TV, tablet, computer, and smart phone, and start enjoying the moment. Research shows kids glued to computers, TVs, and video games risk obesity, sleep disorders, and emotional and focus problems. Some experts say the same is true for adults.

4. Stop multitasking.

Instead, pay attention to the most important thing you’re doing, whether it’s eating, working, or listening to the other person. Research shows people who focus on what they do, weigh less, stress less, and smile more.

5. Add to your diet.

Instead of taking away sugar or fat, add something good to your diet – a serving of vegetables to your dinner or some protein to a snack. Drink 2 extra glasses of water a day. Healthy additions leave less room for unhealthy things.

6. Take a deep breath.

Most people take shallow breaths. This limits oxygen intake and Harvard’s Family Health Guide says that leads to increased anxiety and higher blood pressure. Take a moment and inhale deeply, expand your chest, lift your ribcage. Then slowly exhale.



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